Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Snazzy Hotel Sezz

An Unexpected 'Hidden' Gem

Stayed April 2015

After a good stay at W Paris (other than the incident), we moved to a different part of central Paris which is nearer to the Eiffel Tower.

The reason we chose this hotel is that we have a voucher from mrandmrssmith (boutique hotels) and this was the best choice for cost and location for us.

The hotel is located on a residential street rather near the Eiffel Tower. Just walk out and you will be greeted by the iconic structure!

The Passy metro station is the closest but a short flight of stairs is required from the station to the road.

The area is really quiet and devoid of crowds and although we found the hotel with minimal effort, the emptiness of the region did induce some doubt as we walked from the station to the supposed location of the hotel.

The hotel is really small and has few rooms.

The entrance has a screen which was displaying a flickering fire in a futile attempt to warm the visitors entering the building from the cold outside.

The 'front office' was a really small room at the left side.

I found the lights with green stalks very pleasing to the eye.

Since it was the Easter weekend, chocolates treats were placed to welcome the guests and I think I took too many because they really tasted great! The encouragement from the guys in the office was no help either!

Welcome drinks, including champagne, were offered with compliments. I took Evian again....
All the alcoholics must be cursing me so often... 

The staff gave us a short introduction of the hotel and showed us the breakfast lounge (and informed us the breakfast was 30€ per person).

He then took us to the elevator and bypassed the stairs....

.... to the second storey.

Upon reaching the door to the room, he revealed that we had been upgraded to a junior suite and indeed I was pleasantly surprised!

From 352€ per night!

I didn't really like the bed at first as it looked pretty unstable but my worries were unfounded.

A small balcony overlooking the street was good to have but did not add much value.

One interesting point is a small drawer by the side of the bed which contains a few 'toys'...

But I much rather have the chocolate.

The best part of the room has to be the bathroom for me!

Big and spacious with a huge bathtub and the toilet was not cramped at all!

Gotta love the bathtub! Which is remarkable considering the tiny hotel rooms in Paris.
And the free rubber duckie.

There's even my favourite rain shower!

In addition, the amenities are from Acqua di Parma! Delightful!

The hotel has a spa which was rather expensive so we gave it a miss...

If I were to nitpick, the cost of the room would be a bit high without the voucher as partial payment and the corridors were dark. Also, the walls were a little thin and noises from other rooms may be heard.

Overall, I admit the stay was better than I had expected (the complimentary upgrade definitely contributed), although the 'off the beaten path' location was not ideal for the first time tourist.

Happy Travels,

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