Monday, 6 July 2015

Hotel Indigo Paris: Upgraded to a suite!

Best Complimentary Upgrade! 

And a new hotel too.

Stayed April 2015

While I went planning my trip to Paris and London, I was thinking of the best way to shuttle from France to England.

The obvious ways are, of course, flights or via the Eurostar.

However, when I checked the prices about a month before, the Eurostar was sky-high for the planned date! About twice the usual price! In fact, the one-way flights were cheaper at about $150 SGD.

In the end, my solution was to delay our Eurostar to the next day.

Thus, I needed to book an extra night at a hotel in Paris. Being a little late, the hotel prices were also rather high so I managed to find a good rate at the new Hotel Indigo in Paris which is under the IHG Hotels chain.