Monday, 6 July 2015

Hotel Indigo Paris: Upgraded to a suite!

Best Complimentary Upgrade! 

And a new hotel too.

Stayed April 2015

While I went planning my trip to Paris and London, I was thinking of the best way to shuttle from France to England.

The obvious ways are, of course, flights or via the Eurostar.

However, when I checked the prices about a month before, the Eurostar was sky-high for the planned date! About twice the usual price! In fact, the one-way flights were cheaper at about $150 SGD.

In the end, my solution was to delay our Eurostar to the next day.

Thus, I needed to book an extra night at a hotel in Paris. Being a little late, the hotel prices were also rather high so I managed to find a good rate at the new Hotel Indigo in Paris which is under the IHG Hotels chain.

This hotel is relatively new and has good reviews on Tripadvisor.

In terms of location, it is near Opera but the other side from W Paris, and on a pedestrian street.

The building itself is not very catchy and the hotel sign is poorly visible as above.

The street leads out a small square and the theatre.

On entering the building, the front desk is a single counter to the right and everything feels very cozy.

However, the front desk agent was really friendly but sadly I forgot her name after so long. tsk tsk

The building, being in central Paris, is not very tall, standing at 6 storeys.

The building on the opposite side

Checking into the hotel was a breeze and there were no hiccups.
To my great surprise, I was upgraded to a duplex suite on the top floor despite having booked the most basic room!

The lower level has a toilet beside the door and a living room.

Toilet at the lower level
A narrow staircase leads up to the bathroom with a toilet beside it and onwards to the bedroom.

I am unfamiliar with the brand of amenities and there was nothing remarkable either.

My first world problem is that one has to exit the toilet to use the sink in the bathroom. In addition, there was only a standing shower.

The bedroom was actually rather small being tucked in the attic, with only a TV and the bed.

The view from the window in the bedroom is of the top of the building on the opposite side.

Unfortunately, breakfast on the second level was not complimentary and after taking a look (and pictures) at the spread, I did not think it was worth the price.

Having complained about the size of the gym at W Paris, the gym here is even smaller! It is, however, amazing that the hotel managed to squeeze so many machines into the small room.

Two problems affected my stay at this nice hotel.

The first was a rattling sound from the air-conditioner periodically, lasting up to a minute. The noise was reminiscent of a falling metal bar hitting a grate. I was unable to record the disturbance unfortunately, but somehow my sleep was not terribly disturbed.

The air-con and the noise

The second was a partial loss of electrical power in the suite. Fortunately, we were already checking out at that point of time and hence it was minor.

Overall, this was the largest room I had during this trip to Paris, but sadly there was nothing else that was extraordinary about the hard product. The service was however much better than expected for a 4-star hotel (Shame on you Westin Paris!)

So if the rates are good, the location of this new hotel and the smooth service makes it a worthy consideration.

Happy Travels,

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