Thursday, 31 December 2015

Shocking attitude from a Charity Organisation Leader

A Reflection for 2015

This would be my first personal entry in the blog as some of my readers would like to know me more as a person and understand my character and values.

With a very heavy heart, I decided to write about my incident with a friend (who has since un-friended me on Facebook as well).

I was very angry and struggled to control my emotions during and after the incident.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Ghosts knocking on the door? Intercontinental Park Lane

A Sleepless night in London

Visited April 2015

After the brief visit of Paris (which I hope is recovering well from the Friday 13th attacks), we found ourselves in London.

For non-Singaporeans, Singapore was under British rule previously until 1963 (to become part of Malaysia) and declared independence in 1965. She celebrates her 50th year of Independence this year!

The hotel is located near Hyde Park and the Buckingham Palace, which was great to watch the Changing The Guards Ceremony as the palace is just a short walk away.