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King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Athens, Greece - August 2014


Ever since I saw a picture of the Parthenon in Athens as a child in my Collier's Encyclopedia (which became Microsoft's Encarta), I had always wanted to visit it.

It was definitely a dream come true when I gazed upon the Acropolis.

Why choose this hotel?

The KG is a luxury hotel right at the centre of Athens, next to Syntagma Square.

I suspect it is under the owner of the Grand Bretagne (next review) under the same owner as the entry on my credit card states the charge as 'Grand Bretagne'

Most of the attractions are within walking distance or less than a 5 Euro taxi ride away.

The Management


Getting to the Hotel

Being at the city centre, one can take the taxi from the airport which is currently set at a flat fee of 35 Euros in the day.

Otherwise the Syntagma Square Station is right in front with an exit next to the GB.

The Hotel

The decor is classical and uncluttered. The hotel is very brightly lit and white seems to be the predominant colour. 

The GB is right next to it.

The main doors to the hotel are really big and heavy. Thankfully one gets help most of the time.

"Help" is usually dressed in a uniform.


The front desk is right after the doors.

The lobby has many art pieces and is very spacious with a lot of seating.

The picture at the top of this post shows part of the lobby.

The atmosphere was so calm that I spent an hour here just relaxing.

Big, simple but elegant stairs link the various floors.

Or one could take the elevator.

The corridors are a little too narrow in my opinion.

The Rooms

We were in a deluxe room with Acropolis View.

The room is rather minimally furnished, congruent to the overall feel of the hotel.

The mini bar is located at the entrance.

The bathroom was in contrast a little over the top with the marble tiles but I have no complaints over the size.

The amenities were great and I really love the shampoo!

This room is actually quite big compared to the basic rooms.

Named as a room with Acropolis View, one does see the Acropolis but not too extraordinary.

The Parliament House and Syntagma Square are clearly visible from the room.

The Food and Drinks

The Tudor Hall is the restaurant at the KG, and breakfast is served here as well.

The view is quite good and is similar to the room, but is definitely better due to the higher elevation.

The range for breakfast is only satisfactory but the quality is good. However, this pales in comparison to the GB next door.

Reservations for dinner at the rooftop restaurant at GB are hard to get and the Tudor Hall is an acceptable alternative.

At the restaurant in the evening, one can watch the Acropolis light up in 2 stages.

The Pool  And The Gym

There is no swimming pool at the KG for guests, unless you are in the penthouse (presidential) suite. 

However, you are allowed to use the ones at GB which are actually very beautiful.

The gym is small and very basic.

The Spa

No Spa here either. Located at GB as well.

The Service

The staff seems a little new and stiff during check-in. I would think a luxury hotel should do better. Otherwise, there was not much of interaction and I would give the service here just a "Good" rating.

In Summary

This is definitely a luxury hotel, but at similar room rates, I would prefer the GB next door.
Service needs to improve and the lack of facilities, which are located in GB, is a significant disadvantage.

Room size is an advantage over the GB.

Happy Travels,

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