Thursday, 13 November 2014

ANA Intercontinental Tokyo

 I visited Tokyo as my birthday vacation in July this year and was warned the weather was hot.

Compared to Singapore, the temperature was rather mild, but there was a strange discomfort of feeling cold air while experiencing hot rays from the sun.

 We traveled by the red-eye flight via Singapore airlines and arrived at the hotel at 9am.

We were unable to check into a room as it was too early, but given access to the lounge to rest.

The lounge is one of the better ones in Tokyo according to my online research.

For Intercontinental Ambassadors, the gift (package) is shown below. I still don't know what it (left upper corner) is...

Why choose this hotel?

 The hotel is located centrally and very near the Tameikesanno metro station which is a hub for several lines.

The rooms are considered large for Japanese hotels.


The Management

 Intercontinental Group or IHG

Getting to the Hotel

We had plans to take the bus which stops at the hotel but it was an hour's wait so we decided to take a taxi instead.

Taxi fares are rather expensive in Tokyo and the trip was about $80 sgd ($60 usd).

We took the bus for the ride back to the airport and it was really convenient.

The Hotel


The hotel is really grand with a large lobby and a giant waterfall.

The front desk is readily visible from the entrance.


 The Rooms

We had a basic room which was definitely sufficient to rest for the nights here.
At 32 sqm, the room is considered rather big by Tokyo norms.

The toilet is on the smaller side and I don't really enjoy seeing into the toilet from the room.

A traditional teapot sits on the minibar but stayed unused for my stay.

The Food and Drinks (The lounge actually)

We had a great time at the lounge which offered nice views and a good range for breakfast and cocktails.

The lounge breakfast is the best I have had so far.
The range is so wide and almost like a full buffet breakfast in other hotels.

 There was a selection of fruit, including the famous (read expensive) Japanese Musk melon!

And a good selection of soft drinks and tea as well.

Ample seats around too. There was never a need to flight for space.

The lounge also had a quiet area, which was the place where we rested while we waited for a room on the first day.

At other times, you can have cookies and drinks at the lounge. Ice for the drinks came in balls and I wonder if they were made in the way as the video after the pictures.

Food at evening cocktails were similarly impressive. (Forgot to take pictures while munching!)

The Pool And Gym

No time to visit the pool or gym! Tokyo is a city to explore and experience.

The Service

I have to really compliment the staff, especially those at the lounge.

Everyone was warm and helpful, although check-in was slow because of inexperience (which didn't matter much since a room was not ready.)

The staff at the lounge always greeted us and even made a birthday cake with fruit decoration and sang me a birthday song! That really made my night and the entire stay great.

In Summary

Definitely the service  is top-notch! Location is great for city exploration via the metro and the rooms are large and comfortable for Tokyo.

The lounge is a must-do.

In fact, I witnessed men bringing their girlfriends to the lounge to impress them.

Happy travels!

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