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W Retreat & Spa Bali - Seminyak - 塞米亚克 W 水疗度假酒店 September 2013 - Part 1

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This post will bring us to Singapore's 2nd closest neighbour, Indonesia, and in particular, the famous resort island of Bali.

For the non-Mandarin speakers, Bali (巴厘 or variant 峇里 ) has the same pronunciation as Paris (巴黎), and therefore it may be wise to say 巴厘岛 (Bali Island).

W hotels belong to Starwood Hotels which is currently my favourite hotel chain.

W Bali is a relatively new hotel as it only opened on 1st March 2011 and is utterly beautiful!
Located near the popular Kuta region and about half an hour from the airport, the hotel is only a short ride to many places although I did not really want to leave the gorgeous resort!

There is so much to write about (and photograph) that the review is much better in 3 parts!
Part 1 would cover the main hotel and rooms, part 2 on service, the beach and pool, gym and the Away Spa. Lastly, part 3 would be on food/restaurants.

 The official website is and the official Facebook is

View of Hotel from the sea-facing side.

Getting to the hotel

The hotel is located to the northwest of the Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) and is approximately 15.0 km/9.32 miles with a travel time of 25 minutes as stated at the hotel's website. I do think the time is often an underestimation due to congestion along the roads.

The road from the entrance to the hotel is quite a distance, though beautifully decorated.

The initial path is a narrow covered driveway which turns into a pebble path.
The entrance to the villas is located along the pebble path before one reaches the main hotel.

We took the hotel transport and it came with refreshments and the day's papers.

The Hotel

The pebble path ends at the lobby with houses the W lounge (which glows in different colours at night) and hotel check-in desks.

W Lounge (Day)

W Lounge (Night) in pink
W Lounge (Night) in blue

Hotel Check-in

The lobby extends towards the beach with seats to enjoy the view as well as tea lights for decoration  at night. The W store is located at the end of the side of the lobby through a door.

The other end of the lobby across the W lounge leads to shops and an art piece.

The check-in for the villa is at the other side of the entrance.

Villa Check-in

The concierge (Whatever/Whenever is the alternative name at W Hotels) is located here as well, in an arc consisting of the hotel check-in, the elevators, the concierge and the villa check-in clockwise.

The elevators are well-lit and nice elevators are essential in a luxury hotel in my opinion.

The corridors to the rooms were a slight disappointment due to the plainness, but the sunrise is rather awesome (sans the buildings).

Morning view of the island from the corridor side

The Room(s)

While waiting for the Marvelous Suite to be ready, I was given a Spectacular Ocean Facing Retreat to rest in.

Written to be "You might be chilling in your roomy Spectacular Retreat, but the dazzling Indian Ocean and stunning beach are never far away. Gaze out at incredible views from your spacious balcony, complete with chaise lounge for maximum relaxation.

In a swirl of green tones inspired by the jungle and warmly matched by polished wooden and terrazzo flooring, drape yourself across the plush sleeper sofa when you catch up with winding down."
 The room is rather packed with many items of furniture and the huge bathroom.

The bathroom has a skylight which is covered with frost glass to allow light in and prying eyes out!

The toilet has an voyeuristic ornament.
"Please take your time. I enjoy watching"
The wardrobe knobs has lights in them for the 'blind bats'

The view is indeed great from the balcony with a couch to enjoy the scenery!

The Marvelous Suite was a sight to behold. It is simply huge! The description of "Inside, there's so much room to do so much more, in a gorgeous setting of green hues inspired by the jungle and wooden and terrazzo flooring" is totally apt.

Door to the Suite

The balcony is also large and has even better view of the ocean than the previous room as well as 2 couches/daybeds. The lights add a special touch to the night view.

Day View

Night View

View from Marvelous Suite
One point to note is the loud waves crashing onto the beach which may be rather disturbing if one is a light sleeper.

Thank you for reading Part 1 of my review of W Retreat & Spa Bali - Seminyak!

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